Moreton Say C.E. Primary School

Moreton Say C.E. Primary School


Starting school

If you wish for your child to enrol at Moreton Say CE Primary School please contact the Administrator Mrs Linda Haycocks, who will arrange a date for you to visit.  If your child has been offered a place at the school we will send you details of a parents' meeting and induction days prior to your child beginning school.   

The school's current admissions policy is operated by the Shropshire Local Authority.

Full details of the policy, together with  information about the arrangements for admission, are set out in the “Parents’  Guide to Education in Shropshire on the Shropshire Council  website.  

 Any specific requests for information on admissions should be directed to the Admissions Team

Telephone: 0345 678 9008   


The school has an admission number of 15 for the Reception Year intake in 2018/19.  

Parents of Reception Year children in Shropshire will be required in  the autumn term prior to the school year of admission to complete a Local  Authority application form stating preferences for up to three

schools.  If there are more applications for places than are available within the admission limit, then priority will be given based on: 

- Residence in catchment  area 

- Sibling connections 

- Proximity of home address  to school 

- Medical circumstances or in receipt of Education Health & Care Plan (Statement). 

 In-year admissions

When thinking of moving your child midterm or part way through the primary school stage we would advise parents discuss this with their child’s current headteacher.

 Careful consideration should be given to whether such a move will be of benefit to your child and their educational progress.

 Parents who wish their child to attend Moreton Say CE Primary are encouraged to get in touch to arrange a visit.

To make an application, an in year application form is available below which once completed can be returned to the school. You will need to download the file mid term in year application form.

 More information about in-year from the school or from Shropshire Council’s website.