Moreton Say C.E. Primary School

Moreton Say C.E. Primary School

Ethos and Values of the School

We promote a love of learning within a safe and happy school in which every person matters.  Christian values and spirituality are at the heart of all aspects of school life.

We provide a creative and challenging curriculum to encourage children's confidence and self-esteem. We work in partnership with governors, parents, the local church and our local community, celebrating success in all we do.

We hope to enable our pupils to:

  • Be happy and successful;
  • Develop an enquiring attitude towards knowledge;
  • Understand about their environment and the effect we have upon it;
  • Develop the ability to use and apply the knowledge acquired;
  • Work towards becoming a caring, independent, self-confident adult;
  • Have compassion for people in all walks of life;
  • Co-operate with others.

For the school to be:

  • Happy and successful;
  • Warm, nurturing, safe, protective and inclusive;
  • Lively, innovative and adaptable;
  • Engaged with, and highly regarded within, the community;
  • Sharing its good practice with others – locally, nationally and internationally.

To have a curriculum that:

  • Is stimulating, engaging and fun;
  • Promotes high quality learning;
  • Is driven by creativity, wider learning and building successful learning behaviours which will last a lifetime;
  • Enables pupils to achieve success, which is defined as the best of which they are capable;

To develop a team of staff at Moreton Say who are:

  • Happy and Successful
  • Aspirational for themselves, the children and the school;
  • Positive in their demeanour and their actions;
  • Passionate about learning, the school and doing their best for the children;
  • Dedicated to the children and the school;
  • Working as a team;
  • Committed to professional and personal development;
  • Proud of their own and the team’s achievements